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Adzuki Wardrobe



Style images instantly shoppable

Adzuki Wardrobe is a brand-new “see now, buy now” network connecting posted pictures with relevant products by the touch of a button – allowing our creators to focus on what they are truly about.


“See now, buy now” for everyone

We have democratized influencer marketing by being the first all-inclusive network that is open to everyone. We want to be a place for people, by people posting style images. And we celebrate all of our users, regardless of their followers’ size.

Twenty thousand brands

We can make any image posted on any social media shoppable. Our image recognition automatically helps to find identical and similar styles to recommend chosen from over 2 million products and more than 20,000 brands.

Maximize the potential of inspirational people

Our mission is to maximize the potential of inspirational people posting style images on social media and offer a space to be creative, energetic and visionary.

Who we are

Who we are

Adzuki is proud to have an excellent team working on our services with passion, diligence and the desire to make people’s lives more comfortable and interesting. The team comprises nine dedicated members in Denmark, Germany, Belarus, Bahrain and Italy. Together, the team has more than 40 years of experience, development, strategy, executive management, sales, HR, design and communication.



Amazon Web Services
Application Developers Alliance
Danish AppLab
Wide Eyes Technologies
Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program

Connecting posted pictures with relevant products

Open our service and upload a picture of, say, a fashion style you are about to post. Any angle, any style. The Adzuki service immediately returns the closest matches to that style, either including the object itself or ones very like it. Select what to recommend and post on your favorite social network. connecting posted pictures with relevant products by the touch of a button.

We have agreements in Europe to connect +2 million products from more than 20 thousand brands where we offer a nonintrusive way of making money from recommendations.

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