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About Adzuki

What we do

Imagine the value of making all style images users see on blogs and social networks instantly shoppable! By realizing this vision, Adzuki will become the leading visual content marketing & discovery company in the world. Adzuki offers an innovative solution that bridges the gap between brands, content creators and readers. We provide relevant product recommendations based on image-recognition technology and artificial intelligence.

Who we are

Adzuki is proud to have an excellent team working on our services with passion, diligence and the desire to make people’s lives more comfortable and interesting. The team comprises nine dedicated members in Denmark, Germany, Belarus and Italy. Together, the team has more than 30 years of experience within the mobile industry, development, strategy, executive management, sales, HR, design and communication.

Vision and Mission

Adzuki will make all style images users see on blogs and social networks instantly shoppable and here by transform the way our clients reach and provide value for their readers. Our mission is to help people save time by bringing the right people in front of the right products at the right time.


Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program
Amazon Web Services
Application Developers Alliance
Danish AppLab
Wide Eyes Technologies